Check back each month to see how many states we’ve added. You may want to join up early while the runway still has a few open slots. Nexus has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past 18 months and set to double yet again. With several single facility owners and groups lining up to connect with Nexus – our expansion is exciting.
New services are coming online and more solutions for facility operators are in development. Our network of therapists are connected through a private social media platform where they can exchange ideas, learn new approaches, and assist one another through the PDPM transition.
Our facility partners gain access to the network to stay abreast of current news, trends, and receive specialized coaching for their discipline.
You can expect MDS training, Restorative training, Department specific training, through our private webinar system.
When you add Nexus to your facility, you gain more than a therapy provider – you gain a partner, trainer, and support system.
It’s time to change how you think about therapy in your facility. Think Nexus and become part of our rapidly growing Network.

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The DNA of Nexus Therapy Management is built on the foundation of innovative approaches, a pursuit of excellence, and a deep understanding of skills.