Nexus Therapy Management is the best way forward for skilled nursing facilities in the new PDPM payment system.

We deliver a full set of programs which reaches far beyond the narrow focus of many current 3rd party therapy vendors.

With Nexus, your facility will retain 100% of your Part A and Part B revenue. You will only pay current market rates for just the labor needed to treat your caseload.

Our dedicated team of experts will oversee your therapy department, bring innovative care pathways, PDPM support, marketing support, documentation reviews, and help with all medicare denials — among many other great services.

We will help you get back to being a “Skilled Nursing Facility” rather than a “Skilled Therapy Facility”. Your nursing team deserves what CMS is delivering.

Therapy is one of many solutions we bring to the table. It’s time to partner with a forward thinking therapy provider and keep your revenue where it belongs – in your facility.

“CMS implemented PDPM to push back against the abuses of contract therapy. Wouldn’t it be smart to find a better model? We thought you might agree. That’s where NEXUS can help.” Let’s face it, the primary difference among your SNF Therapy Providers over the past 20 years has been the fee schedule attached to the back their contract.

We all promise the same outcomes, programs, and customer service. But what you really want is for your therapy provider to take care of your residents and be flexible enough to accomodate the nursing team. Correct?

If your current provider is still billing your facility with “minute-based” or “PPD” style contracts, then you are still stuck with a volume pricing scheme.

PDPM was designed to eliminate volume pricing from 3rd party vendors and so should you.

If your current provider or prospective provider intends to share your revenue at any scale, you should consider Nexus Therapy Management.

You need a new model to match what CMS is looking for in the SNF. Your facility needs a provider who isn’t interested in your revenue.

NEXUS Therapy Management is the PDPM model you need for a new beginning.

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Nexus Therapy Management is the best way forward for skilled nursing facilities in the new PDPM payment system.