The foundation of Nexus Therapy Management is built on these 3 principles and feeds into our simple company mission: “Others”.

Regardless of the obstacle, problem, challenge, or goal; we always begin with the question – “How can we help them win?”

Nexus Therapy boasts an unrivaled set of tools and solutions to help carry out our mission through innovation, excellence, and expertise.  Below are just a few services which come with our program

Recruiting and staffing

Training and Education

Daily Caseload Management

Therapy Team Oversight

Webinars and Video Conferences

Advanced Demographic Marketing

Clinical Pathway Tools

Key Performance Reviews

Documentation Training

Innovated PDPM Programs

Clinical Consulting

Floor Staff Training

Pre-Admission Tools

Advanced Efficiency Management

Outcome Reporting for Physicians

among many, many additional services… all for one low monthly fee.


After each presentation, owners and operators usually responds with, “This sounds too good to be true.”

We’ve taken decades of experience in operations, facility ownership, contract therapy management, clinical management, and Medicare consulting to formulate pricing in such a way — it will help you win.

We recognized over 6 years ago that a change was coming. We set our pricing for what the facility needs to make the transition. We don’t charge for a single minute of therapy and we never mark-up your labor.

Contact us to find out how good our pricing can be, and how true it really is.